You Were Created With a Purpose

created with a purpose

Every object in the universe, regardless of its position, size, or unique features, is there at that time for a reason. The truth is, sometimes, the item lies fallow for long periods if the user does not discover its true purpose.

Similarly, in God's creation, He made everything unique, named them, and gave them a purpose.

When He said that everything was good, it was not just because their shapes, colors, and positions were good and pleasing to the eyes, but because in His grand plan for the world He'd so wonderfully created, each piece fits perfectly.

The Prize of Creation

There are days when you feel lost – like a loose piece in the puzzle, not fitting anywhere or having any real use.

There will be days when life seems to have no use for you – when you feel worthless and without purpose.

But you must never lose sight of the fact that you're important to God. Whenever you feel so downcast, look back at the creation story.

God called forth every other thing with the words of His mouth – the sun, moon, animals, land, and vegetation – everything but you. And some of these things have remained for thousands of generations and have never gotten lost.

Yet, when it was time to make man, God got His hands dirty. He actually worked physically and then breathed His very spirit into man.

Therefore, you're God's precious possession, and you'd better believe that He didn't do all that work just for fun. He has a purpose for you.

Every manufacturer has a reason for creating a product.

Now, it's true that some products malfunction, some become broken or are misused, and others never get to live out their purposes.

The best thing to do when a product isn't doing the job it was created to do is to return the product to the manufacturer for repair, replacement, or instructions.

This is true for you too. God has made you beautiful and complete in every way. And He makes no mistakes.

Find Your Purpose in God

You may be shaky right now, but that does not bother God. He has the manual for your life – a mapped out plan for everything He's placed you here to achieve.

You’re special to His heart and vital to His grand design. Therefore, never despair when you're broken or bruised. When life is not easy on you, know that God still has wonderful plans for you.

Like a key, you will only fit into the right lock. Your life's pattern may look like someone else's, your story may bear a semblance, but your code is unique to you.

Your path in life is specific to your life's purpose. Find your place in the Creator, and He will lead you in His planned path for you.

Don't try to fit in and settle into someone's dream or idea of what life should be. God created you for so much more. Your mind cannot comprehend the heights that God has in mind for you.

Keep being you; never lose sight of the prize. It may take a high price to find your purpose, but you must keep searching and pressing until you find His plans for you.

And when you do, you must keep your eyes on the goal and chase it with all you've got till you become one with your purpose. Nowhere else will you find fulfillment.

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