Prayer For Inner Peace

Prayer For Inner Peace

Dear Jesus, it’s so beautiful to have You as Lord and God over my life, my mind, and my heart. I find rest talking to You about everything, anytime and always.

You have been more than a friend to me. Thank You for the beautiful life experiences that You have used to shape my life and the way You come to remind me of Your never-ending love. 

Lord, everything seems to be happening all at once in my life, and the storms seem to rage and threaten to drag me in with them.

Sometimes, I’m supersaturated with faith that I stand so firmly in my belief that You will smoothen all the crooked paths and make all the desert lands become an oasis.

However, on days like today, my faith is tipping over the edge, and my heart is in turmoil. I pray intensely, but it seems like You are miles away. I feel empty and naked, I feel depressed and weak, I feel battered and bruised, and I hate feeling this way.

The world feeds my mind with so many reasons why this age and time is difficult and dark. And although I do not want to believe these things, they steal into my heart when I least expect and fear grips me.

My head knows of all Your beautiful promises for me and that You will never leave nor forsake me. However, I catch myself repeatedly thinking about the uncertainties of my future.

Lord, I have given my times and seasons unto You, knowing that they are safest in Your hands, and I do not want them back!

And so Heavenly Father, I ask for peace in my heart, my mind, and my soul. I ask that You help me trust You and trust in the wonderful plans You have for me. I am such a small creature with limited understanding and imagination, which makes it challenging to comprehend all that You have in store for me.

However, I know that Your Word is Yes and Amen, and so I believe all Your Promises. 

I ask that the Holy Spirit constantly remind me that You bought me with a price, and so, I am Your prized possession. The world’s standards do not define me, neither do the challenges of this present time set up my tone.

I live in truths of the Spirit; I constantly dwell in the graces of Heaven. I draw from the well of salvation with never-ending joy, and so, I always have a wellspring of gladness.

I am a dispenser of truth; I have the Fruit of the Spirit because the Godhead lives in me. I make declarations that dispel the darkness that tries to weigh me down. I have unspeakable peace that has nothing to do with my circumstances.

Lord, I choose to believe You over all other voices in my head that speak impossibility and doom. I accept Your peace that transcends the understanding of men, and I thrive in it.

I choose to fix my gaze on Jesus, even in the deadliest storm of my life, with the assurance that You will pull me through.

You are mine, and that is all I need. Thank You, Jesus, for Your peace that is always present with me. Amen.

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