Prayer For Good Medical Report

prayer for good medical results

Lord, You made me, and You understand my frame. Nothing that I am is strange to You. With Your mold, You handcrafted me, and no event in my life takes You by surprise or catches You off guard. You planned my life out before I even knew about Your love.

All my days, seasons, moments, and times are in Your hands. My life is safe in Christ in God, who has my best interests at heart, and You have called me the apple of Your eye. I love You because You have placed me safe and hidden in the hollow of Your hands.

On days when I feel strong and healthy, I praise You for Your mercy and grace. And on days like today, when this weight of doubt, fear, and worry assaults me, and I feel frail, drained, and weak, unsure of life, my diagnosis, and what my medical tests may unveil in the reports, I will still love and praise You.

How could I forget that thoughts of me fill Your mind daily, Lord? How can I think that my moments and my days are not precious in Your sight? It is true, Father, that I am really scared about this phase in my life; I am insecure, not knowing what the future holds for my loved ones and me. Yet, I trust Your plans for my life.

It is human for me to be uncertain and afraid of what the future holds for me. I fear each visit to the doctor’s office, and I am scared that, soon, I will be helpless and alone. Doubts continually fill my heart, and all day long, I worry about what will become of me in future days to come.

Though I believe that You are working things out for my good, I constantly fret over the coming medical reports. In my head, I’m sure, Father, that You can do all things and be all things to me.

I know that with just a word from You, the medical reports will be excellent, but at this moment, there are times when my heart dwells on the uncertainties that be, questioning Your ability and Your will. Jesus, please, help my doubt and unbelief.

Hold out Your hand and help me reach out in this present storm of life that looks to sink me under.

You gave Yourself up for my infirmities, the crown of thorns that pierced Your head, and the sword that tore Your side gave way to the free flow of blood and water that tell me that I am free from the chains of disease. You took those stripes without a single complaint all those years ago for my sake.

Therefore, I hold unto every promise in Your Word concerning my healing and a positive medical report. I grasp unto them and hold on for dear life.

I recall that You healed the sick and helpless. I also remember that You were close to those with broken hearts and did not turn away from the oppressed when You were physically present on earth. Jesus, You are a very present help in times of trouble, and right now, I’m sinking under this weight.

I desperately need this report to be positive, and at this point, I cast my mind that is full of anxiety, worry, and doubt on You in exchange for Your light burden. I choose to wait on You and trust fully in You as I wait for my medical report.

I lift up my eyes to the hills, but they hold no solutions for me. And so I look lower to men, and although they sympathize with me, they are as helpless as I am right now. I look to the doctors, and though they have knowledge and scientific details of disease and causative agents, they can only go as far as You give them understanding.

And so, Lord, I realize that my help in times of need does not come from anything under the sun that You have created. My strength, support, and sustenance come directly from You, the Maker of heaven and earth.

You are the God that keeps watching over my life and never takes a break. You never sleep nor slumber, and my life is ever before You.

You made me fearfully and wonderfully with a mold that was unique to me alone. Before the process of body formation occurred in my mother’s womb, You knew me. The plans You have for me are extraordinary, and I choose to trust You with everything that I am.

Lord, You said that with mustard seed faith, I could hurl a mountain into the sea, but now, I am not so sure that I have what it takes to believe, so instead, I hurl myself on You, and ask for the faith that moves mountains.

I ask for peace and quietness at this time, not that which comes from having all that I want, but that which stems from the knowledge that You control everything that happens.

Whatever this report may bring, You are still my loving Father and King, who gave His all to have me by His side. Today, I choose to trust the One who sees a gem in me – the Lover that adores me as priceless and cherished.

And though Lord, I pray that the medical report turns out to be in my favor, I surrender my will to Yours, even when I do not understand Your ways. I trust with my heart, strength, body, spirit, and soul.

Today, Lord, I ask for the healing of my broken spirit, that my faith in You remain as strong as ever. I pray that You help me at this time to be a beacon of light to those around me.

I ask that my words become a soothing balm to many who are broken and lost and that this period becomes a tool in Your hands.

Father, please glorify Yourself, at this time, through these medical reports. Thank You for walking this journey with me, for never leaving or forsaking me. Through life, I am confident that You will remain my King, Father, and Friend.

I pray for as many as stand in the gap for me, that You remember their gifts of intercession and bless them. You, Lord, are my exceeding great reward, and this is my joy and stay. Keep me safe in Your will forever.


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