Prayer For Child Having Surgery

prayer for child having surgery

Heavenly Father, I come this day in reverence and awe of Your majesty and great power.

You are infinitely great, and Your glory surrounds the heavens and earth, yet You are so mindful of us that You consider us precious in Your sight. You never sleep nor slumber, watching over us to bring every word You have spoken to pass.

Before we were fully formed in our mothers’ wombs, You had a set plan and purpose for our lives. You divinely guide us to the fulfillment of Your thoughts for us, and nothing happens outside of Your knowledge.

Therefore, Lord, I thank You for this child that You have graciously blessed the earth with, and I thank You for this season in their life.

Lord, You have promised never to leave us and never to forsake us, and I hold unto this promise as Your child goes into surgery. I pray that Your angels keep them company in the operating room, guiding the surgeon’s hands to work with precision.

I ask that You monitor the surgical process and give peace and stability to Your child. Dear Lord, I pray that when the child is unaware of their environment, You take charge in the operating room and take all the praise to Yourself.

Heavenly Father, I know that parents are bound to be afraid and uncertain at times like this.

So, God, I pray for this beautiful child’s parents; I ask that You strengthen them in this dark time. I pray that even as they struggle through this period, You shine Your love in their hearts and remind them that they are also Your children and You delight in watching over them.

I ask, Dear Lord, that You become their anchor in the midst of this storm and help them to fix their hearts steadily on You.

I pray that You remind them every good and perfect gift comes from above and that though they love their child, You love them more and have plans and purposes for them all. In this season, I pray that You help them trust You with this child and open their hearts to learn through this period.

In the time following this surgery, I pray that You help both the parents and the child trust You more. I pray that You give them a wellspring of joy even in trying times.

Help them find peace in the promises that You have outlined in Your Word. I ask that You grant speedy healing to Your child and that, throughout the therapy sessions, You open their eyes to new things about You. Lord, I ask that you supply every need that may arise in this season.

I pray for financial ease, emotional stability, mental peace, and spiritual strength. I pray that You become the Center of this family and the Hope that they can always trust. 

You are good and gracious, and the confidence I have is that You always answer prayers. Thank You, Lord, for all that You have done and all You will do according to Your riches in Christ Jesus. Help us to trust You always. 

In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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