Powerful Prayer For Healing

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A Powerful Prayer For Healing

Dear God,

The human body shows Your artistry. You formed man with careful thoughtfulness to reflect the amazing beauty of Your image and likeness.

You were there at the beginning when nothing was, and You hold the key to existence and time.

Your beauty surrounds Your children with light, and every day, I marvel at the intricate ways You cover us with Your presence. You give us what we need for each day, teaching us to wait on You for peace and sustenance.

Lord Almighty, I ask that, according to Your Word, You bless our food and water this day and take diseases far away from amongst us and show us mercy.

Of a truth, we’re not deserving of any of these acts of love, but Jesus paid the ultimate price for our freedom from sin’s heavy yoke and death’s penalty of sickness and pain, and now, we are completely and wholly free.

Our spirits have become one with Yours, and the seed of disease and ill health has no place here to dwell.

Today, we obey Your Word and look to Jesus, the author, and finisher of our faith, for the restoration of health.

You are a Good Father that looks after His children as a full-time job; nothing that happens in our lives skips Your notice.

You delight in taking care of us, and every time You see us, Your heart beats for joy. You give numbers to the hairs on our heads and care about the littlest details of our lives.

You have made our bodies to regulate all the food that we consume and placed the heart to supply blood and energy to every cell in our bodies.

Your earth should be perfect and without flaw – a place that teaches us of the beauty of our Father. Yet, with sin and hate came a weakening of the perfect system that You created, and now we suffer from diverse sicknesses and diseases.

Powerful Prayer For Cancer

Powerful Prayer For Healing

I pray for as many as are suffering under the heavy yoke of cancers in various stages, and I ask that Jehovah Rapha look upon His precious people with mercy and heal them. I pray that He soothes their pains and gives them strength for this season.

Lord, I know that You are powerful enough to heal even the worst of situations, but I also know that every life must follow the script of Your perfect will.

Therefore, Father, I ask that You give grace to this child of Yours, to hold fast and believe that You have the best plans still for their life. I pray that You provide them with peace and stability at this time and keep them safe even in the eye of the storm.

You made every one of us, and Lord, You have a purpose for our being here at this time.

Help Your children see that their existence is for Your glory, and at this moment, show them Your love and immense goodness.

Powerful Prayer For Cardiovascular Issues

Lord, I come humbly before Your throne of mercy and ask that You show mercy to those struggling with heart diseases and cardiovascular disorders.

Your Word says that healing and health are the rights of Your children. We have examples in The Word of Your healing power prevailing over all kinds of diseases when You walked the face of the earth, and there is nothing too difficult for You to do.

Our hearts are Your throne, and Lord, it is true that You will not share Your glory, much less Your home with sickness.

I ask at this moment that You give Your child a new heart without these problems. I know that You are great, You are good, and Your ways are unfathomable.

You work in undecipherable ways and what You do is excellent and perfect.

Therefore, I ask for Your perfect will to be done in their life and that You fill their heart with immeasurable joy and gladness.

I ask for strength and grace at this time. I pray that they experience the companionship and joy of the Holy Spirit anew. Refresh them, oh Lord, and teach them once again to trust wholly and surrender.

Powerful Prayer For Diabetes

I pray that for every soul that suffers from diabetes of any form, that they be whole again.

When You walked the earth, You healed the sick, mended broken hearts, and raised the dead.

Remind these ones that You have the power to give them new systems and wholesome bodies. I ask that Your resurrection power raise to life everything dead in their lives and bring functionality to their system once again.

I ask that You give them grace as they tread the path of life each day and gently remind them of Your presence daily. You are faithful, kind, and true – a High Priest that shares in our suffering and understands our weaknesses.

I ask that You give them a fresh oil of gladness and destroy every wall of gloom that threatens to suck them in. I ask for soundness of mind and the joy of the Holy Spirit that wells up from within.

I pray that You provide succor and comfort for everyone going through a health crisis at this time. I pray that You lift them out of depressing thoughts, anger and worry, and show them Your grace.

I ask at this moment that You give Your peace to them and show them how to hold Your hand in the midst of the storm.

I pray that You daily remind us that our time here is short and imperfect, but You have gone to prepare a Home for us void of pain and suffering. Please, help us live as strangers in this land, daily preparing to go back home.

Thank You, Lord, for never leaving or forsaking us. We know that we have everything we need because we have You. Remind us daily that nothing can snatch us from Your hand and that sickness or health does not change Your love for us. Help us to stay in Your will for us now and always.

In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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