Morning Prayer

prayer for the morning

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for watching over me through the perils of the night and bringing me to this bright and beautiful morning.

I sleep with no worries on my mind; I toss my cares on You because You have promised rest, and every single time, You come through on Your promises.

I thank You, Lord, for all the parts of me, for a brain to think, limbs to move, and a heart to love. I thank You for caring for my family and loved ones, and for the gift of the Holy Spirit to walk me through the ordeals of today.

Lord, You are great and all-powerful, yet, You are so mindful of me. Your attention to the little details of my daily life makes me bold and confident to walk through the day.

From my window, I hear the sounds of the wind and the calming movement of the trees, and I recall that they praise You ceaselessly.

I hear the birds go about their daily routine and recall that not even a leaf falls from a tree to the ground without Your knowledge.

And so I praise You for all that today has in store for me. I praise You for the plans that you have set for my life, and I invite You to walk with me.

I do not worry about provision because You are able and ready to supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Today, I do not let the country’s economy dictate my thinking, for I am rich, and I live in the abundance of Christ. and declare the fullness of God over my job, my life, and my family.

Today we eat our daily bread, fresh from God’s kitchen, and so we glow in health and wellness. I do not have the spirit of fear or timidity but of a sound mind.

Today, I stand as the oracle of the Lord, giving a perfect word in its season. I serve as a source and fountain of encouragement to the broken- hearted.

I give hope to the hopeless and the word of perseverance to those that are in despair.

Today my word is salt, and I stand as light. I show Jesus wherever I go.

I am not in confusion, I do not despair, but God fills my mouth with praises and gives me beauty for ashes.

Help me remember that my thoughts, words, and actions do not determine Your love for me, but that You love me regardless of what I do.

Help me, Lord, to show the same love and affection for those around me today. I ask that You help me to love them just as You do and help me to show them your love through my daily walk in Christ.

I pray today that You protect my thoughts and help me understand that everything that comes my way is an opportunity to display Jesus.

I ask that I consciously seek You out in today’s walk, and when today’s activities get tough and stressful, help me, Lord, to draw strength from Your never-ending supply.

Lord, today I ask for a supply of the fruit of the spirit.

I pray that I have an overflow of love, joy, peace, kindness, and patience.

I pray that You set my eyes on You afresh and help me to show others the meaning of love in its purest form.

I pray, dear Lord, for my family and friends that You protect them from the evil one.

I pray for strength and help from above for every one of them.

I pray that You always remind them that You are an ever-present source of help and help them to trust You with every challenge that they may be currently facing.

Heavenly Father, I commit the sick into Your hands. I pray that You heal them and send help for those that are at life’s end.

I pray that Your peace reigns in the world and that You protect Your children that are facing persecution for the Gospel.

Help the world to realign itself to You and help the Church to live like You in every sphere of life.

Lord Jesus, I pray for all leaders – that You walk them through the decisions that they take today.

I pray that You renew their strength and grant them the wisdom to rule and guide.

I pray for single parents, that You grant them strength to lead and raise godly children.

I pray for health workers that, Lord, You bless them and guide them into making life-saving decisions.

I pray that You protect the homeless from the harsh experiences of this world, and I pray that You will show up for as many that are in despair today.

Dear Jesus, remind the world of Your return and turn our hearts back to You.

In the course of today, I pray that You will keep us from harm’s way and protect us from the day’s evil.

I pray that You give us the spirit of discernment and help us choose the right things to do.

Lord, I pray that You help us to love You with all our might and put our best into today’s work.

I pray that You help us to do our work without procrastination and keep to our duties as faithful stewards.

I pray that You remind us that Yours is a Spirit of excellence and help us to be excellent at both work and play.

Lord, keep me in perfect peace today, and when I fall short and make mistakes, as I am one to do, remind me that my mistakes do not define me.

Help me understand that nothing can separate me from Your love.

I pray that when today is over, and I take inventory, I will see that You walked with me.

I trust You with my day, my life, and my heart. I thank You, Father, for being a Friend, Guide, and my God.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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