A Prayer For Pastors

a prayer for your pastor

God doesn’t call the qualified for His work. Instead, He qualifies the called. Yet, He shows no favoritism and does no wrong. Pastors and leaders have flaws and weaknesses too. They know sorrow and feel the pangs and hurt of pain.

Most times, the world wants you as a pastor to lead and hide away the ache in your heart, pray for your flock, preach words of encouragement, and forget your own burdens.

You have to be strong for others and carry their crosses along with yours even when you’re going under.

Sometimes, a pastor is lonely, afraid, and tired. They crumble under the weight and pressure of holding the church and society together.

Others may not exactly know what cross you bear or the weight that pulls you under, but I can offer up a heartfelt prayer for you.

Pastor, I pray that you receive from above to function in truth and might. I ask that you rightly divide the Word of Truth without swerving from the path to please people.

In God, will you find the strength to be loyal in faith and fervent in prayer, never ceasing to bring thanksgiving and supplication before Him.

I ask for you the grace to wield the sword of truth for God’s glory and man’s repentance. I ask that God give you humility and boldness to stand on the wings of righteousness and teach Kingdom principles in a world that is full of darkness.

In His mercy, I ask that God increase His grace upon you. I pray that God grant you the ease of fellowship with the Holy Spirit that turns flaws and weaknesses into tools of Kingdom advancement and exploits.

I ask that God’s Holy Spirit comfort you when you’re down and beaten, lead you into all truth in times of confusion, give you words that are meet for each season, and build you up into the whole armor of faith to fight off the darts of the evil one.

In those terrible days of fear, worry, and need, I ask that God fill your heart with thoughts of His goodness and reminders of His faithfulness through the past years. I pray that you remember that with each test that you might face, there comes new grace and provision.

I pray for encouragers like Joshua and Hur, who held Moses’ hands during the dark and trying times. I ask that God give His angels charge over you that they may minister to your needs.

At those times when you fall, and your imperfections glare sternly at you, and you have cause to hang your head in shame and regret, I ask that God wrap His arms around you and remind you that His Son’s death on the rugged tree was the greatest act of love, sufficient for all your shortcomings.

I pray that you remember right then that nothing you do will ever make the God that died for hateful sinners like us love you any less. I pray that you learn to trust and solely rely on His grace to carry you through till your journey’s end.


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