A Prayer For Help To Overcome Drug Addiction

maxresdefault 17 A Prayer For Help To Overcome Drug Addiction

You are our very present help in time of trouble, and nothing happens outside Your will. Lord, You made the heavens, the earth, and all that is present in them. The earth, man, and animals exist to bring You praise and give You pleasure. Our time is in Your hands, and You have excellent plans for us.

From our mother’s womb, You’ve cared for us. Lord, You diligently sought us out when we ran away from Your Love and didn’t give You regard.

Lord, many times in this journey called life, we have failed. We have made wrong decisions, bad choices, and willfully disregarded Your laws. We are sinners, truly undeserving of a second chance at life.

Many have tried to drown their pain, worries, and fears in drugs, and for a while, it seemed to work. But here they are again, with their life in shambles; there’s no hope of recovery, no chance that they might be free again.

They have tried several means to be free of these enslaving habits that threaten to pull them under and wreck their lives.

They may feel unworthy of asking for your pardon and cleansing, but Your word says that You didn’t come for righteous people. You came to seek and save the lost.

And Lord, they are lost and may feel like there is no hope; They may feel confused right now, and they just need this weight off of them. They are afraid of losing themselves.

They see how much they’ve lost to this addiction, and they want out. They want to feel whole again, and I know that the only possibility of this happening is with You.

So Lord, according to Your Word, I pray that they come just as they are.

Tired, weary, heavy laden, and in need of rest for their soul. I ask that You liberate them from this heavy burden of drug addiction and give them rest from their wandering.

The truth is that they may feel like they have nothing to offer You in return, but I know that You are Love and that You are able to turn a vessel broken into many pieces into a great vessel of honor.

They have nowhere else to turn, nothing left to try; they’ve hit rock bottom, and now they cling to You.

Lord, this is no refined and fancy prayer; they are desperately in need of You. I ask that You show Yourself to them and reveal Love’s true definition to them.

Jesus, please give them a purpose in You that supersedes any high that they can ever get from these drugs.

Lord, I ask that they prefer Your light yoke that promises to make them better to this terrible weight of sin, guilt, and slavery. Teach them what it means to be the delight of Your heart and unite their spirit with Yours.

May they accept Your lordship over their life; that they hand over all their rights, privileges, and responsibilities to You. Lord, please work in them and walk with them through this journey.

I hold on to Your Word that says when You free a person, they are free indeed.

I ask that You liberate them and help them learn the comfort that comes from having You as Father, Comforter, and Friend.

Sometimes it may not feel like it, but I know that You’re ever near. Thank You, Lord, for the process. Give them the grace to trust You.

In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray. Amen.

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